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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials

Access Rider

A personalized access rider allows an individual to provide the information required to ensure that the participant can fully realize their potential and operate within all activities and structures that are required.

An access rider can be provided by anyone and does not have to be focused on disabilities.

You can either fill out the form directly here on the website or download it as a PDF and send it by e-mail to to record your access requirements for attending Tanzkongress 2022.

Under each heading are examples of things to consider, please personalize the questions according to your access needs. Please be as detailed as possible. Any sections that do not apply to you can be left blank. 


 Preferred way of communication:

Do you need a certain format considering digital documents (e.g. with bullet points, short paragraphs, large font)?

Physical and environmental factors 

Do you require level access? 

Do you require an accessible bathroom? 

Does a certain lighting, sound or heating element trigger sensitive impairments?

Do you need to be seated in a certain location while attending events or meetings (e.g. near the exit, wheelchair accessible, marginal seats, alternative seating options such as beanbags etc.)?

Travel and transport

Please provide information on your access requirements. Do you need any kind of information (accomodation / travelling / local transfers)?

Personal assistant 

Do you have a PA? 

If so, please note the contact details here, so we can accreditate your PA for free. 

Do you have further questions or are there any specifics to consider?

Please note: We would like to arrange Tanzkongress 2022 as accessible as possible for everyone. We know that we will not completely be able to provide such an offer for all our events. But in order to provide the best possible accessibility for everyone, we have prepared an Access Rider for you, in which you can fill in your specific needs. We will try to offer the following assistance if requested for our guests:

  • Interpretation into German Sign Language (DGS)
  • On-site work assistance or mobility assistance
  • Translation assistance at our locations

Please inform us, about the assistance you will need, when registering. 


Please note that we will provide calm spaces for diaper change, breast feeding and childcare.

Do you require childcare during the congress? 

Additional information

Please provide us with any other information you think would be helpful for TANZKONGRESS 2022 to consider to make your stay in Mainz as pleasant as possible. Also, feel free to contact us if you have further questions or needs regarding accessibility issues.