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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials
Tanzkongress 2022



Sharing Potentials

If dance is to constitute an element of our collective future, then we need to join forces and share our potentials with one another. What conventions and parameters are required for us to be able to reflect on social transformation and to set tangible trends in motion?

Dancers operating in independent and institutional working contexts are particularly important to us; their living and working conditions, their self-conception, and their diverse array of skills.

The notion of sharing potentials also interests us in a structural sense. An increasing number of repertory theatres and companies are broadening their working methods, while the structures of the independent scene are in some places becoming more robust in terms of planning. What kinds of possibilities does this open up?

Sharing Potentials: this also applies to the way in which this congress has been planned. The programme is being developed by a ten-person team that has brought in 19 curators and is inviting them to be responsible for specific sections of the congress. In addition to this, 115 proposals have been received as a result of the open calls, 21 of which will be included in the congress programme.

The conversation is in full swing.

Honne Dohrmann, Programme Director

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