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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials

2046 Thoughts on Dance Education

With: Annabelle Bonnéry, Nik Haffner, Gerda König, Efva Lilja, Gitta Roßer, Thorsten Teubl, Moderation: Bertha Bermúdez
Austausch - Exchange Dance Education
Fri 17.6. | 11:30 to 13:00 | KUZ Kulturzentrum Mainz – Lehrsaal


KUZ Kulturzentrum Mainz – Lehrsaal
Dagobertstraße 20b
55116 Mainz
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In the year 2046, what areas of society will be affected by dance? What kind of education in dance will be necessary?

It is important for the educational sector to question what skills will be required in the future, and how this knowledge will be directed towards concrete goals. Over the past decade dance has developed past the perception that it is only a performative artform. Dance is now being recognised as tacit knowledge, broadening ideas in philosophy, neurocognitive sciences, social sciences, feminist theories, performance studies, and humanities, enlarging the scope of the action of dance and its effect within our contemporary societies.

Drawing upon their own experiences and knowledge, the panel members of this talk, Annabelle Bonnéry, Nik Haffner, Gerda König, Efva Lilja, Gitta Roßer and Thorsten Teubl, will discuss the development of their own ideas and visions and in turn, invite the audience into a similar process through a shared exercise. Participants will be invited to dedicate time towards creating diagrams and ideas upon the following questions - can we dream of inventing ideal scenarios for what dance could mean to our societies? What will the role of education play in this, and what must be offered in the future?