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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials

Backstage Knowledge: Rehearsal Director

With: Allison Brown, Julia F. Christensen, Stefanie Fischer, Michael Getman, Friederike Lampert, Elna Matamoros, Naomi Perlov, Jochen Roller, Luisa Sancho Escanero, Janine Schulze-Fellmann
Panel Rehearsal Director
Fri 17.6. | 14:30 to 18:00 | Großer Saal – Großer Saal

Frankfurter Hof

Großer Saal – Großer Saal
Augustinerstraße 55
55116 Mainz
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Backstage Knowledge takes a deeper look into the varied profile of the role of the ‘Rehearsal Director’ in today’s professional dance world. It illuminates and questions areas of technical and artistic responsibility. It addresses essential aspects of the everyday work of rehearsal directors, such as scheduling, management and rehearsal planning, as well as methods for memorising movements, repertoire rehearsal and reconstruction, perspectives for flattening work-process hierarchies, and addressing history of the profession of ballet master/mistress.

We are guided through the programme by Jochen Roller and Dr. Janine Schulze-Fellmann, whose entr’actes reflect on the knowledge conveyed and make thematic links between the topics. Backstage Knowledge will be presented as a continuous format without a break, with visitors welcome to come and go at given times between contributions.

The subject matter is intensified the following day in the Think Tank: Rehearsal Director, at which discussion is invited from all those interested.


14:30 Naomi Perlov, Friederike Lampert: Scheduling as a creative process
15:00 Elna Matamoros : A historical view on the profession of the ballet master
15:30 Stefanie Fischer : On rehearsing and learning steps/how to build memory hooks and put them in motion
16:00 Michael Getman/Friederike Lampert: Re-Re-Re
16:30 Julia Christensen/Luisa Sancho Escanero: A decentralised process of working (is possible) in dance
17:00 Allison Brown, Friederike Lampert: On Restaging and Repertoire