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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials

Embodied Allyship - Exploring Empathy

By and with: Joy Mariama Smith
Austausch - Exchange Dancers as Experts
Fri 17.6. | 14:30 to 16:00 | Probebühne 3 – Staatstheater Mainz

Probebühne 3

Probebühne 3 – Staatstheater Mainz
Gutenbergplatz 7
55116 Mainz
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In this laboratory, we will work to understand and excavate around allyship through discourse and a series of somatic exercises. The primary intention of our time together is to foster a space where trust, intimacy and clear communication can happen in order to practise embodied allyship. Through movement research, we will practise embodied allyship, and look in and towards the body as a source of knowledge production. We will move, using the body as the primary thinking and feeling organ. Starting with autonomous practice, and then moving in duets, trios or small groups and ending with a collective investigation.

We will work with empathy and differentiation not only as a foundation but also as an entry-point to our autonomous and collective understanding of intersectionality as a foundation for practising allyship. Our aim is to move through consent, vibe, empathy, the impact of making assumptions, and how to raise awareness and take action in relation to white supremacist cultures both inside and outside of institutions. We will have a pluralistic approach that is accessible and allows for different types of engagement. In this laboratory, we enter as we are, valuing what we already have, knowing that we actively up-hold a non-normative somatic research space. The basis for this research is to start with the understanding that we can assimilate knowledge without activating the intellect.

Artist, educator, activist: Joy Mariama Smith