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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials


By and with: Nuri Gutés & Daniella Santibáñez
Performance body-landscape Artistic programme
Fri 17.6. | 18:45 to 19:00 | Malakoff-Terrasse – Outdoor


Malakoff-Terrasse – Outdoor
55116 Mainz
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Fronteriza is a dance that takes place after an audiovisual project called by the same name. The project was created in June 2020 during the total lockdown as a result of the global pandemic. We carry the dance to the streets despite all rules as a manifestation of what is alive! We perceive the textures of the "outside" in its walls, floors and ceilings, meet its forgotten nature and transfer the intimacy of the "inside" into the public space. We dance in dialogue with another body as a way to reach small certainties and cross those borders.

Currently, Fronteriza is a public site-specific installation which explores the relationship between the physical or daily life and the apotropaic by the natural reading of space through the meeting of two bodies. The term "apotropaic" derives from the Greek verb αποτρέπειν (apotrépein 'get away') and is defined as having the power to avert evil influences or bad luck. It refers to a cultural phenomenon to purify (catharsis) and ward off evil spirits through a ritual action or object in order to find some security in the face of the unknown.

In Fronteriza we use this notion as a "key" in order to access a movement language in which the ephemeral and the pre-established, the subtle and the material engage in dialogue through gestures, actions and dance. This creates a ritualised meeting of two bodies, which also mark experiences, generations and temporalities.


Choreography and Performance: Nuri Gutés and Daniella Santibáñez