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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials

How to Survive the Kinder-Apocalypse

With: Darren O'Donnell, Christopher Rocholl, Pascal Ulrich
Panel Co-Creating with Communities
Sat 18.6. | 11:30 to 12:30 | KUZ Kulturzentrum Mainz – Lehrsaal


KUZ Kulturzentrum Mainz – Lehrsaal
Dagobertstraße 20b
55116 Mainz
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Children and young people are rapidly gaining power in the world. From the meteoric rise of Greta Thunberg, to the wide-spread push of lowering the voting age to 16, to the online fury that young people can deploy against their enemies, the kids mean business and they’re coming for our jobs. No longer satisfied to wait until they grow-up to become meaningful players in the world, children and young people have forced their way into the conversation and are not only here to stay but, in some realms, are clearly leading the way. Over the last decade, artists in performance, theatre and dance have begun to collaborate with children as equals, developing works that showcase their unique abilities and points of view.

Performance director and urban cultural planner Darren O’Donnell and his company Mammalian Diving Reflex, are not only leaders in this field, but have developed a long-term collaborative model based on the idea of succession: giving the kids the keys to the industry. Together with Pascal Ulrich and Christopher Rocholl, who have been working with Darren since they were 12, they will talk about the changing role of children and young people in the world and the various projects they have done together to facilitate this changing role. Darren will also present his model of youth engagement, while inviting Pascal and Chris to tell him what aspects of the model work, and which absolutely suck.