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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials

Interviews in Motion - The Conversation Changes When the Body Is Involved

With: Patscharaporn Distakul, Dieter Heitkamp, Bojana Mitrovic, Louis Thuriot | By: Monica Gillette
Austausch - Exchange Dancers as Experts
Fri 17.6. | 16:30 to 18:00 | Glashaus – Staatstheater Mainz


Glashaus – Staatstheater Mainz
Gutenbergplatz 7
55116 Mainz
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In 2015 Monica Gillette and Clint Lutes developed a movement interview practice with a group of young scientists in search of a way to bring their scientific research more into their bodies. They were also interested to question how cognitive research interplays with our human experience and identities. Since then, the movement interview practice has developed in various research, workshop and performance settings. The interviewees varied in age, disciplines, cultural backgrounds and dance experience.

For the setting of Tanzkongress 2022, two movement interviews will be featured in a communal setting to discuss the relationship to our bodies in moments of change. While engaged in a process of physical thinking, we will uncover personal strategies for redefining, developing and adjusting to a constantly transforming body. This includes topics such as injury, wellbeing, motherhood, ageing, growth and recovery. Through the movement interviews we will also confront the identities that titles and roles hold and how that affects the relationship to our bodies, especially in moments of challenge and shifts in one’s career path.