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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials

Rua (Street)

By and with: Volmir Cordeiro & Washington Timbó | Tickets for non-accredited persons via
Performance body-landscape Artistic programme
Sun 19.6. | 11:30 to 12:20 | Glashaus – Staatstheater Mainz


Glashaus – Staatstheater Mainz
Gutenbergplatz 7
55116 Mainz
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Rua (Street) is the finale of the trilogy that began with Sky (2012) and Inês (2014). All three solo pieces explore marginality and vulnerability in movement in different ways. The trilogy is a form of self-expression, a way of establishing a specific choreographic vocabulary. The central element of Rua (Street) is space. A space that unites as much as divides us. A space where both poor men and presidents have walked.

In Rua (Street), the choreographer Volmir Cordeiro performs with the percussionist, Washington Timbó to create a series of short scenes that tackle themes related to the street. These dances explore political concepts such as dictatorship and violence, to the more mundane such as work, walking and dogs.

Rua (Street) was inspired by short poems and epigrams by Bertolt Brecht. Volmir Cordeiro offers his body to the poetry to bring it to the stage. When the poem is embodied, the words and meaning become flesh. The poem is crushed, leaving room for new images and new meanings. The body twists into a poem – sharp, powerful and meaningful.

The poetry of the Rua (Street) is expressed below:

The street is opening, one onto another.

The street invents languages, categories, it is home to the poor, stage and refuge to artists.

Vagrancy is an ingenious invention of the street, as are class, race, stress and blood.

The street is not beyond us, we all know it. It unites people, hosts sordid demonstrations, the street is there for us and when we gather in it we play at being “us”. This is a lie.

The street selects, limits, blocks, divides, imposes...

The street is not the road. It does not seek the world. It stays in the city. In the city it is filled with poets and their crushed up poems.

Creases. Streets are like the creases on a face – the streets of the face are the creases of the city.

If I say that the street weaves into the sky, I’m not exaggerating. Both have an amazing ability to feel things, beings and ordinary matter, and to strip themselves naked.

This street I am trying to express is a street on an unending hunt for the dream that buildings have stolen from us.

Brazilian dancer Washington Timbó plays the tambour during the live performance. The tambour punctuates and gives structure to the work. The solo is danced in snatches, innately orchestrated by movement enhancing sound. The tambour intensifies, amplifies and dictates the rhythm of the work. Sound, body and movement form an ensemble inspired by the pain of dialogue, the fury of the streets and the mystery of creation.


Choreography: Volmir Cordeiro
Performance: Volmir Cordeiro, Washington Timbó
Percussions: Washington Timbó