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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials

The City Street Was Made for Fast Feet

With: Darren O'Donnell, Christopher Rocholl, Pascal Ulrich
Workshop Co-Creating with Communities
Sat 18.6. | 16:30 to 18:30 | Orchestersaal – Staatstheater Mainz


Orchestersaal – Staatstheater Mainz
Gutenbergplatz 7
55116 Mainz
Route (Google Maps)

Darren O’Donnell is an urban cultural planner and Artist Director of Mammalian Diving Reflex, and has been creating performances in collaboration with children and young people since 2005 and has developed various methods, tips, tricks and obfuscations to get the work done. In this workshop he will be collaborating with a couple of young people - Pascal Ulrich and Christopher Rocholl who he has been working with since they were in diapers - and a large group of young people who the team will be meeting for the first time.

The workshop will elaborate Darren’s methods by focusing on one of his projects in particular: Nightwalks with Teenager, and using this show as inspiration, will engage the unruly teens, whip them up into a frenzy, and together with workshop participants, set them loose on the city’s streets (rain or shine!) to see what happens, each team working together to create a single transcendent moment of blinding beauty. Never having worked in anything resembling dance before, Darren, Pascal, and Christopher, are not sure how it’s going to work out, but they’ve got a set of principles for collaborating with young people that they will share and apply them to the teen bodies as they fling themselves through space, time and die Straßen. Workshop participants should be interested in learning how to work with young people as equals and be willing to abandon any idea of what constitutes dance, since Darren, Christopher and Pascal really do not have a single clue.

Meeting Point Orchestersaal, then Outdoor.