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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials

Tubuh Dang Tubuh Dut

By and with: Ayu Permata Sari
Performance Asian Connections through Bodily Expressions Artistic programme
Sat 18.6. | 20:00 to 20:30 | KUZ Kulturzentrum Mainz – Waschhaus


KUZ Kulturzentrum Mainz – Waschhaus
Dagobertstraße 20b
55116 Mainz
Route (Google Maps)

Dangdut, a popular form of music in Indonesia, is associated with the sexy undulating hip movement of the predominantly female singers.,. However, Ayu Permata Sari diverts her observation from the stage and ‘archives’ with her own body the movements of the mainly male audience of local dangdut clubs. She tries to read the dangdut grooves of these male audience members, which seem to be an expression of relaxation and sensuous experience. Having succeeded in embodying their moves and grooves, Ayu Permata Sari began to question what actually motivated these audiences to go to dangdut performances? She then interviewed a series of audiences, many of whom shared their main reason to go to dangdut clubs and dance was to escape the humdrum of work, home and daily life. This interview brought Ayu Permata Sari to explore the concept of 'liminoid' which occurs in the concept of liminality. As explained by Victor Turner, liminoids in modern society are often characterised by strict segregation between work, play, fun, and humans within them. This kind of liminality places the element of human willingness as an important factor to experience it or not. It can be avoided and entered voluntarily and then left to be repeated or not. Dangdut audiences who come or dance dangdut can be seen as entering the transit room (liminoid), a way for an individual to escape mundane daily problems.

Besides finding out about someone's motivation to come to the dangdut show, Ayu Permata Sari also traced the audience's background, like their work or where they lived. Their background is also very important as it influences how they move. For example, one of the dangdut audience members worked as a construction labourer and he subconsciously moved like he was hitting a nail using a hammer.

This performance involves fading light and total darkness.

Please note: This performance will take place in the "Waschhaus" at KUZ, a bar on the congress grounds to which only accredited congress participants have access. No ticket purchase or registration is required for accredited participants.


Choreography and Performance: Ayu Permata Sari
Dramaturgy: BM. Anggana
Producer: Sekar Handayani
Musical arrangement: Jenar Kidjing